Friday, 21 October 2011

How to manage your time and your contacts at the beginning of your career

Hello everyone, 

So this is a post in direct link with my actual situation in my career. The video tutorials and follow up of my work will be there soon but for now I just can't get it done because of time restrictions. 

This is also the main reason of this article: How to efficiently manage your time at the beginning of your career. 

I believe that this article can be really interesting to young composers like me and to anyone who are losing their head in this crazy world. 

Here's the deal; 
In the next days you have: 

-1 band recording for tomorrow

(for the next week)

-1 appointment for an important eye exam 
-Music tracks and sound fxs to complete for 2 ios game and 1 pc game
-2 solo artists recording 
-1 day for a video game job event
-A big update to prepare for Fruity Jelly, a game you have worked on pratically for 2 years.
-Payment for bills, grocery, house cleaning friends hang out blablabla... 

This is a real situation, and, it would be beautiful if there weren't any problems between each task you got to do. But, sadly, in life, there are always some problems and, at some point, you have to stop. You cannot control everything in your life. You can, however, control a part of it. That part concerns only you and your soul. 

On facebook, not too long ago, one of my friend shared an interesting picture: 

Each of the previous task have a problem at some point related to them.

What you have to do, is simply take one thing at the time; like I said, you cannot control everything in your life.  

The trick there is to separate each task and each problems in 2 different sections: 

What I can solve/do

What I cannot solve/do  

When done, you can now concentrate yourself on the really important things.  To manage your time, you can always download a time manager software like Rescue Time but the best is to always  give you clear objectives to complete.

Now that you have a clear list of what you can do right now, you can give real and clear objectives to complete during the next days until you get some news for the other pending projects or pending opportunity.

That said, it is essential that you don't forget the positive sides of your life. 

Never forget that you are lucky...we're all lucky, to be alive, to be able to walk, to talk and to do what we do...Here's a video that demonstrate this point of view very well: 

One last step is to always get a balance of work and fun....have some fun and do some physical exercises, it is good for the blood circulation and for your soul! 

On that note, I am going to have some fun, and not think too much about all my problems...I'm sure I will be able to solve all this in a near future, like I always did... 

Thanks for the reading, I hope this article and glimpse of my personal life/opinion can help you to climb that mountain...

Don't worry, be happy.


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