Friday, 30 December 2011

A very special trailer for the new year

Ahhhh Zelda, what an epic and wonderful game series! 

When Nintendo announced the Wii U, they knew the Wii was approaching the end of her path. Sadly, the life for the little console was troubled by a lot of things; poor 3rd party support, 1 generation late in term of graphics, lack of online networking and options...and now, despite the wonderful things it gave to the way we play our games, it is the time to let the Wii to rest in peace. 

Enough with the depressing stories! Let's talk about my special edition of the Zelda Wii U trailer, shall we? :P  

Before I introduce you to it, let me back up in time a little bit. At the Spaceworld 2000, in the year that was supposed to be the end of the world...Nintendo was starting a new era of home consoles with the Nintendo Gamecube. In order to catch the attention from their beloved fans, Nintendo released a tech demo of a potential new Zelda:

Everybody was really excited by this new cool looking game...but, it never came out. Instead, Nintendo decided to go wild, with a cartoonish cell-shading zelda. At first, fans weren't very happy with the Big N decision but, after playing the wasn't hard to say that it was one of the best video gaming experience of this generation.

So here we are, The Wii U will be released soon enough...and guess what, Nintendo did it again! They presented at the last E3, the true, first and only HD version of our favorite Link, in a tech demo where you see him fight a big spider in a temple. Very cool, indeed, but no video was released to the press what so ever and the only videos you can watch right now are off screen(screen filmed by a camera). Like you have maybe already guessed, there is no sound or music attached to the video...Well, look no further, I took the job and tried at my best to put some life into this epic battle.

You can watch the video here:

I hope people will enjoy this trailer as I enjoyed taking this big challenge! 

On that note, I wish to everybody good luck for the year 2012 and a lot of success in your projects and career! 


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